Professional Affiliates

GEORGE ALTMAN- Negro League Pro, 9 yr. MLB, MLB 3X All-Star, 8 yr. Nippon Pro
SAL BANDO- 3X World Series Champ, 4X All-Star, former Brewers GM
SAL BANDO JR.- St. Louis Cardinals MiLB, Oklahoma State Univ., Head Coach MUHS
DEREK BELL- 11 yr. MLB, ’92 World Series Champ, part of Astros “Killer B’s
DENNIS BIDDLE- Youngest Negro League Pro in history at 17 yrs. old, Chicago American Giants
BYRON BUXTON- Minnesota Twins, ’13 MiLB Player of the Year, 2nd pick in ’12 MLB draft
JEFF CIRILLO- Los Angeles Angels MLB scout, 14 yr. MLB, 2X All-Star
JAMES COBBIN- Negro League Pro, New York Black Yankees, Indianapolis Clowns
CECIL COOPER- 17 yr. MLB, 5X All-Star, Astros Mgr. ’07-’09
CRAIG COUNSELL- Current Brewers Mgr., 2X World Series Champ, NLCS MVP ‘01
RICH DIMEL- Cincinnati Reds MiLB, Univ. of Dayton
CARLOS GOMEZ- Houston Astros, 2X All-Star, Gold Glove Award ‘13
TY GRIFFIN- Chicago Cubs 1st Rd Pick in ’88, Olympic Gold medalist ‘88
JOSH HARRISON- Pittsburgh Pirates, 2014 All-Star
LARRY HISLE- 14 yr. MLB, 2X World Series Champ Hitting Coach ’92-’93, 2X All-Star, ’77 AL RBI Champ
DOMINIC JOSE- New York Yankees MiLB, Stanford Univ. grad ‘15
GAVIN LUX  – Los Angels Dodgers, 2016 first-round draft
CASEY McGEHEE- Miami Marlins, 2014 Comeback Player of the Year
PAUL MOLITOR- Hall of Fame Member ’04, 2015 AL Mgr. of the Year, World Series Champ ’03, W.S. MVP, 7X All-Star
NYJER MORGAN- Hit HR in 1st MLB AB with Syndigrip vs. Marlins ’11, 7 yr. MLB, Nippon Pro Baseball ‘13, Korean Baseball Organization ‘15
AL OLIVER- 18 yr. MLB, World Series Champ ’71, 7X All-Star, NL Batting Champ ‘82
BRANDON PHILLIPS- 3X All-Star, 4X Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award ’11, 30-30 Club
ALEX McRAE- Pittsburgh Pirates MiLB, Jacksonville Univ.
JOHN “T-BONE” SHELBY- 11 yr. MLB, 2X World Series Champ ’83 and ‘88
JOHN “TRE” SHELBY- 5th Rd draft pick of the Chicago White Sox, Brewers scout
ROBIN YOUNT- Hall of Fame Member ’99, 2X AL MVP, 3X All-Star, 3X Silver Slugger Award
DEVON WHITE- 3X World Series Champ ’92-’93 &’98, 3X All-Star, 7X Gold Glove Award

Nyjer Morgan

  • MLB outfielder, 2007 – present
  • Hit the first and second MLB HR’s using the Syndigrip
  • Nickname is “Tony Plush”

[in reference to the Syndigrip]If there is anybody that needs a custom grip for that perfect feel on the bat, trust me Nyj Morgan say you’ll hit like a pro”

Watch Nyjer Morgan hit a home run against the Boston Red Sox using the Syndigrip

John “Tre-Bone” Shelby

  • former 5th round draft pick of the Chicago White Sox in 2006
  • son of former Major Leaguer, John “T-Bone” Shelby Jr.
  • current Milwaukee Brewers coach
  • started using Syndigrip in 2012

“I got the bat man, absolutely amazing, and it’s molded to perfection! Y’all have something good going! All of my players are huddled around it, loving it. Syndigrip is legit!”

John “Tre-Bone” Shelby practicing his swing using the Syndigrip